Reuben - Manager / narrator

Shirley - Mom / vocals/keyboards

Keith - Son / vocals / guitars

Lori -  Daughter / vocals / keyboards

Danny - Son / vocals / bass

Chris - Son / drums

Tracey - Daughter / tambourine

The Partridge Family burst onto our TV screens in America in 1970. The show held the coveted prime time 8:30pm Friday night slot, and for four years dominated both the TV ratings and music charts around the world. 

The first Partridge Family single released in 1970, I Think I Love You, was voted Single of the Year and outsold Simon & Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water and The Beatles’ classic Let It Be.

From 1970 - 1974, they racked up an impressive seven US Top 10 hits, five UK Top 20 hits and. Teen idol David Cassidy sold out a record six consecutive shows at London’s Wembley Stadium.

C’mon Get Happy is a tribute to this lighthearted family sitcom, brought to the stage for the first time ever. An engaging script charts the family’s journey from garage band to popular recording and touring act.

The show features their greatest hits, nostalgic video footage from the era, and an audience participation segment - our live version of the popular game show of the time - Deal or No Deal.

The show can be adapted to work with a cast of between four to seven actors, making it suitable for the cruise ship circuit as well. 

C’mon Get Happy - delightful entertainment for the whole family!