How do our DVDs have such a powerful impact on writing and literacy?

We have created two collections of stories The Story Spinner and Stories from Around the World, told by master storytellers to use as a key literacy resource in your classroom. The DVDs allow you to have repeated viewings of the exact same telling of a particular live story, year after year.

Our stories can have a massive impact on children’s writing, by exposing them to high quality text – that is not entirely dependent on written text – followed by the unique methodology shown in the CPD materials, Story Spinner Learning. We show you how to use high quality talk, questions, analysis, drama and discussion, leading to great improvements in writing. We include plans and planning advice to help you use the stories in your class and with your colleagues across the entire school.

You can use the stories as a powerful and versatile teaching tool, that links perfectly with the new curriculum. We have had great feedback from teachers achieving ‘Outstanding’ OFSTED inspections using the stories.

Eve Bearne of Cambridge University and Marilyn Mottram of Birmingham Education independently evaluated the stories. Some of the Key findings were:

• The DVDs have contributed significantly to raising standards in speaking and listening.

Noticeable gains have been seen in writing. The structure as well as the imaginative content of the children’s told and written narratives improved noticeably over the course of just one term.

• The DVDs have helped to raise attainment in reading, as children could watch stories on the DVDs then transfer their understanding to stories in books.

We can help you dramatically improve speaking, listening, reading and writing in your class.

“This is a great resource to help children learn. They only see the storyteller’s facial expressions and gestures, so the images they create in their minds are completely unique to them. This unleashes their imaginations which in turn inspires their writing.”
Carol Smith, Literacy Consultant, Milton Keynes.

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“The power of story to engage, amaze and delight is presented here in a compelling collection, brilliantly told. If you buy nothing else this year, buy The Story Spinner and enjoy the journey.”

Eve Bearne, University of Cambridge Faculty of Education.

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