“It’s not often that a new resource knocks me out so comprehensively, but this is something special!”
Sue Palmer, Literacy Consultant and writer on contemporary childhood

“Enthralling, moving, amusing – such words aren’t enough to describe the richness of this series of stories.”
Eve Bearne, University of Cambridge Faculty of Education

“From time to time someone comes up with a gem. And this is one.”
Marilyn Mottram, School Effectiveness Adviser, Birmingham LA


The Story Spinner DVD Box Set

The Story Spinner and Stories from Around the World are DVDs for primary school children proven to help develop their literacy skills.



There are 5 Traditional Storyteller apps in the series, each featuring one of the stories from the Stories from Around the World series.



Our latest resources, Storyteller Interactive represents a sea change in the way our stories can help you teach literacy in the classroom.

Imagine someone who has mastered the art of telling a story so well that the words come to life and transform themselves into pictures in a child’s imagination.
It’s the way we’ve learned for millennia and it’s absolutely captivating.

We’ve filmed internationally renowned storytellers to create powerful, award winning resources for your classroom.

Children’s early knowledge of stories has been shown to have an immense impact on their entire educational achievement. Now every child can experience the very best storytellers, anytime.

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The Story Spinner box set plus Stories from Around the World

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