Our Wonderful Storytellers

Phil McDermott

Phil McDermott

Phil trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama and worked as a professional actor in television and stage productions around the UK.

“However old we are, 3 or 83, there is something enthralling about listening to these stories; something familiar about their shapes, the richness of the language and the power of Phil McDermott's tellings.”
Maggie Crawford. Primary Literacy Consultant.

In 1995 he became a fulltime storyteller and been working as a storyteller, playwright and drama teacher in British schools ever since. He has enjoyed year-long residencies at many Primary schools in London. He also made appearances at both Primary and Secondary schools in Southwark, Great Ormond St Hospital, Westminster, Haringey, Hammersmith and Fulham, Havering and Barnet and more.

Phil is also a popular performer at Festivals, Theatres, Art Centres, Libraries, Workplaces and Special Events throughout the U.K.

For more information or to contact Phil, email FrogInAPan@aol.com


Tuup has travelled the world extensively, telling stories all over Europe and many parts of Africa.

“He is truly an elder of the storytelling revival in Britain. His style of total improvisation, fabulous capacity for mimicry and ear for a wild story is outstanding.”
Carmel Crevola.  International Literacy Advisor

Born to Guyanan parents and raised in Acton, West London, Godfrey Duncan aka TUUP (pronounced ‘Toop’) began his career as a performance poet. After publishing work with a group of fellow Afro Caribbean artists, he became a professional storyteller in 1981, when he joined Ben Haggarty and Daisy Keable to form the ‘West London Storytelling Unit’. This became the internationally acclaimed ‘Crick Crack Club’, of which Tuup is still a member.

Tuup has worked in many of the UK’s most prestigious galleries and museums including the Tate, British Museum, London Museum, Docklands Museum and October Gallery, to name a few.

For more information or to contact Tuup, email gdtuup@yahoo.co.uk

Katrice Horsley

Katrice has worked as a storyteller and consultant for a range of organisations including the BBC, UNICEF, UNHCR, British Council and The British Heart Foundation. She was the UK Storytelling Laureate for 2013/13.

“Wow, wow, wow, a fantastic storyteller, unique in every way.”
Nursery Head.

Katrice has been fascinated by stories and words for as long as she can remember. As a child she was speech impaired and painfully shy.

She is also a trainer in the field of creative evaluation and is a director of the Traditional Arts Foundation – a Midlands based organisation, set up to promote the traditional performance arts and explore their uses in education and development. She offers a wide range of training in many areas from performance to language development and is often used as an inspirational and motivational speaker.

For more information or to contact Katrice, please visit www.katalysttales.co.uk


Peter Chand

Peter has entertained audiences all over Britain and further with his tales from the Indian Subcontinent. He has told his stories on BBC Radio Four, BBC Asian Network, and many local radio stations.

“He’s a bridge between two cultures and two generations. With his cheeky smile, rich voice and wry humour, I was spellbound.”
Kim Normanton producer, Loftus Productions, for BBC Radio 4.

His parents migrated to Britain from the Punjab region in the 1950s, and though he was born in the Midlands, Peter grew up using Punjabi as his first language. He combines these two cultures seamlessly to tell stories full of life, wisdom and humour. One of only a handful of full-time Indian Storytellers working in Britain today, Peter’s performances have been described as energetic, totally engaging, and always told with warmth and great relish.

Peter is one of the organisers of the ‘Festival at the Edge International Storytelling Festival’, the longest running festival of its kind in England.

For more information or to contact Peter, please visit www.chandstory.com

Cat Weatherhill

Cat has worked with thousands of children in hundreds of schools and enjoyed residencies as both a storyteller and a visual artist. She has performed at major festivals in the UK and Internationally and well as numerous TV and radio performances.

“Cat is one of our great storytellers, vivacious and inventive.’
Michael Morpurgo

Cat was born and raised in Liverpool. She studied drama at the University of Hull and has been a professional performer ever since. She began her career as an actor, spent several years as a singer then moved into arts in education. In 1997 she discovered storytelling and soon developed her distinctive performing style: bold, lyrical and physically expressive. She has performed at major festivals in the UK and Internationally and well as numerous TV and radio performances.

As a writer, Cat has had three children’s novels published by Puffin – Barkbelly, Snowbone and Wild Magic. She has also written books for Pont (Jaco the Leek) and Caterpillar Books (By Lantern Light).

For more information or to contact Cat, visit www.catweatherhill.co.uk

Effua Daniels

Effua specializes in oral and written multi-cultural stories and traditional folk tales. She works with children and families in story telling and training consultancy across the UK. She has written scripts and stories for the Cbeebies children’s series ‘Story Makers’.

“I thought the best part of the session was when we learnt about all the Ghanaian names and parts of Africa.  It could help if we ever go there.”
Year 5 pupil, Clerkenwell Parochial school

Effua was born in Ghana, West Africa and came to the UK at the age of three.

After finishing College, Effua eventually began working with children in childcare and moved on to become a children’s librarian. In 2001, she began to write scripts and stories for the CBeebies children’s series ‘Story Makers’.

She specializes in original and creative sharing of oral and written multi-cultural stories and traditional folk tales. Effua writes and tells many of her own stories, creating bespoke storytelling sessions to support themes and special events whilst intertwining the richness of African culture and heritage.

For more information or to contact Effua, visit www.effuastales.co.uk